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The best sites and services for finding information on people. you’re going to eventually end up at a people search site like PeekYou, Spokeo, about the person you’re researching unless you can match up their birth date.

PeekYou also scours the business pages, news sources, homepages, and blogs to offer all-encompassing search results. This is why you should take a look at their Privacy statement and Terms of Service. The service offers a simple online form that allows a user to be removed from the search results. This is like being erased from the public online records. For that reason, you need to verify your identity to do it.

More importantly, PeekYou claims not to use your financial or medical information or obtain developer and app data from social media. However, the area regarding personal information and what happens to it when you sign up for the service is unclear. That said, the Terms and Services refer back to the Privacy policy and you can assume that the company keeps personal data bulletproof.

Overall, the entire legal write-up deals with the aspects that regard your own conduct. But is there a way to understand how much user information PeekYou holds? Aside from the Privacy Statement, you can try to contact the company and ask. You may call upon the U. Personal Data regulations and inquire to have the data removed from PeekYou. So, do you remain anonymous while using PeekYou?

Is PeekYou Anonymous?

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Like many people search websites, PeekYou offers a bit of info for free but sends you to other sites that require a membership fee for more. Thus.

It can be incredibly stressful to suspect that someone isn’t being honest with you. Although there are ways to figure out whether someone is on dating sites , there are also alternative solutions that may work for you as well. If you’d like to explore if someone is seeking out other partners on dating sites, there are a few ways to go about it. Be mindful that whether or not they are on a dating site, it’s important that you think about their privacy and whether you’re comfortable breaching it.

You may learn that they aren’t on dating sites and there is always a risk that they catch you seeking out this information without their knowledge. Regardless of what decision you end up making, be very thoughtful in thinking about the many potential outcomes that may manifest due to your actions. Your browser history is very personal and some may not be in the habit of clearing their history. To search browser history:. If you choose to go this route, think about how you’ll feel if you find something or find nothing.

It’s always best to be as emotionally prepared as you possibly can. Also consider whether you’d tell someone about looking through their history and how that may impact your relationship. If someone leaves their phone out and you know their password, or it isn’t password protected, you can do a quick search for dating apps. To do so, scroll through their home screens to see if any apps are currently there and if so, if they are setup.

To search for hidden apps:.

Q&A with Web Entrepreneur Michael Hussey

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With this service, you can search for people online, across a variety of social networks. A handy feature for PeekYou is the dropdown menu that.

Identified Caller — Identified Caller is a phone number search engine that organizes public records information to help you safely find phone number owner name and address. Email Lookup — Email Lookup search looks up on billions of records to get complete details about the owner. But bare in mind that there is only so much information these services will have on a person so while nothing may show up still proceed with caution, take your time and be smart. If you know any better methods of searching or being safe in general please share!

Catfishing is a hot-topic when it comes to online dating and most peoples biggest concern. Dating , Online Dating. People, you must always look past your initial attraction to the person you are talking to online and do your due diligence. We are constantly trying to find ways to make our online dating platform safer. It is very easy to verify your online dating profile … All that is required is for them to copy the gesture in the image to prove they are the same person in the photo.

Nobody likes a catfish! If they cannot do that ladies and gentlemen … leave it where it stands. Or, if you really like them and they claim to be serious…. Nobody likes a time-waster. Just giving you a heads up!

3 ways to dig up dirt on people

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eharmony | Online Dating Site for Like-Minded Singles. 9/4/ · News. PeekYou’s free people search engine allows you to find and contact anyone online.

In fact, dating apps and social networks such as Tinder, Bumble, Grindr, OkCupid, or PlentyOfFish are becoming more popular with each and every year that passes. However, with the convenience of the internet and dating apps, also comes personal safety and financial security vulnerabilities. We hope these techniques will help you to become your own digital detective when it comes to dating apps. We know that many catfishers will use pictures of people other than themselves to hide their true identity.

Conducting a reverse image search on their profile picture can help you to see if they are using a stock picture that they have ripped online to mask their true identity. Google has one of the largest photo caches in the world that can easily be searched and compared to the profile picture of the person you are interested in. The second free reverse image search tool we recommend is a website called TinEye 5.

How to Find Out If Someone Has a Dating Profile

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Online daters use PeekYou for due diligence beyond a profile in an online-dating site, etc. 6. From Rate My Teacher to Rate My Face and now.

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PeekYou is Wink Plus WikiYou

We all do it. You meet someone casually or professionally. After the exchange of pleasantries, you are compelled to bring out your inner Sherlock Holmes. Hopping online, you are ready to validate or discredit this person. The problem is you need to use the right sites or else you’ll be duped, scammed or worse.

We pay tribute at the PeekYou blog HERE: And by way of paying tribute here on Facebook, we share this episode of his old syndicated TV​.

You can find out more about Michael from his blog , Tweets and Linked In profile. People will be well acquainted with search engines like Google and Bing; however for many, search engines for people are a new concept. What does PeekYou do? Search engines such as Google and Bing map out the associations between links and keywords, whereas PeekYou maps out links in relation to their authorship — so it determines whether a link is associated with a person.

How did it come about? I knew that if I could somehow tie these two things together in a single index, it would go a long way to power many important applications in the Internet of the present and future. Can you please explain how PeekYou as a people search engine is different from conventional search engines? How does it distinguish between websites and people? Our web crawlers are very similar to standard search engines, but our algorithms are focused on identifying specific information related to actual people — that could mean, for example, the person identified in a news article does the article mention where that person lives?

A name, or email address, perhaps? Something they can be identified by? It can get a bit complicated, but we look at a whole lot of potential identifying variables when trying to determine to whom a page is associated. As online and offline life merge ever closer together, the importance of your online identity continues to increase.

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